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2009 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting in Boston

Summer 2008

From Left to Right:
Back Row: David Spafford (graduate assistant), Peltin Pelep (intern), Mike Sofarh (intern), Jorg Anson (intern), Ku'ulei Rodgers (faculty mentor), Robert Richmond (faculty mentor)
Row 3: Mike Ross (graduate assistant), Melodie Boyd (intern), Bethany Kimokeo (intern), Ngedikes Benedict (intern), Evadne Nakamura (intern), Rob Toonen (faculty mentor)
Row 2: Mike Hadfield (faculty mentor), Marissa Stone (secretary)
Front Row: Celia Smith (faculty mentor), Maile Sanford (intern), Kaipo Perez III (intern), Rendy Johnny (intern)

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Summer 2007

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Bob Richmond (faculty mentor), John Stimson (faculty mentor), HIMB graduate student, Jeannie Marie Nanpei (intern), Eugene Gold (intern), Mike Hadfield (faculty mentor)
Row 4: Marissa Stone (secretary), Lupita Ruiz-Jones (intern), Gail Grabowsky (faculty mentor), Ku'ulei Rodgers (faculty mentor), David Spafford (UMEB graduate assistant)
Row 3: Jonathan Williams (intern), Milton Minase (intern), Amata Kabua (intern), Kaipo Perez III (intern), Chris Nakahashi (2006 intern)
Row 2: Rob Toonen (mentor), Jimmy Gallen (intern), Peltin Pelep (intern), Alfonso Alexander (intern), Lawren Sack (faculty mentor)
Front Row: Jorg Anson (intern)

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Summer 2006

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Dr. Tim Tricas (mentor), Bond Segal, Dr. Bob Richmond (Co-PI/mentor), Ying Huang
Row 4: Peltin Pelep, Chris Bird (instructor), Dr. Zac Forsman (mentor), Dr. Cindy Hunter (mentor), Dr. Michael Hadfield (PI/mentor)
Row 3: Marissa Stone, Geraldine Rengiil (cc faculty), Julius Lucky, Karolyn Braun (cc faculty), Dr. Allison Sherwood (mentor), Lupita Ruiz-Jones
Row 2: Celia Smith (Co-PI/mentor), Larson Palsis
Front Row: Bjorn Erikson, Don Hess (cc faculty), Menoleen Jacob, Jorg Anson

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Summer 2005

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Michael Hadfield (PI/mentor), Chris Nakahashi, Dr. Bob Kinzie (mentor)
Row 4: Brian Lynch (cc faculty), Dr. Bob Richmond(Co-PI/mentor), Keib Delemel, Brandon Iriarte
Row 3: Victor Nestor, Jansen Santos, Alfonso Alexander, Peltin Pelep
Row 2: Dr. Debbie Millikan (instructor), Dr. Gail Grabowski (Co-Pi), Gerda Ucharm, Marissa Stone
Front Row: Frankie Harris (cc faculty), Vernice Yuji (cc faculty), Imelda Gebauer, Sierra Isalias

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Photos from Summer 2004

Photos from Summer 2003

Summer 2002

From Left to Right:
Back Row: Curt Daehler, Mike Hadfield, Gwen Sisior and Romeo Filrang
Front Row: Lynna Thomas, Sasa Sata`ele, Luneta Nu`usila and Leticia Sisior

Photos from Summer 2001