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College Of Micronesia

Northern Marianas College

College of the Marshall Islands

American Samoa Community College

Kewalo Marine Lab

University of Guam Marine Lab

Palau Community College

Anticipated Broader Impacts:

As many of the targeted islands have depended on the mainland U.S. for trained scientists and technicians to fill research, management and policy-oriented positions, environmentally and technically-related programs have often failed due to lack of involvement. The institutions and their faculties will be able to provide advanced technical training and support for programs and policies aimed at reversing declines in natural resource quality and quantity on their islands. The support of cohorts of faculty and students will also serve to increase the success rate of Pacific Islanders in the natural sciences, which has traditionally been low, providing role models for other interested individuals. The workshops, with support for both the tools and training, will develop local capacity to meet the mounting challenges faced by the region.

Program Accomplishments:

Provide opportunity for students to experience and instill knowledge and values that exposed them to realize their learning potential.

Provide advanced technical training and support for programs and policies aimed at reversing declines in natural resource quality and quantity on their islands

Develop local capacity in marine related fields

Increase student interest in Marine Science and related fields

Personal growth in students

Create Partnerships

Students have been able to present their experiences in local and national meetings (e.g. Ecological Society of America) and are gaining hands-on experience through agency internships

Conduct workshops/training activities for faculty and students on:

Ocean current and water quality studies

Assessment and Management of Coral Reefs

Molecular Tools for Environmental and Pollution Studies

Conservation genetics


College of Micronesia

Provides programs in agriculture, business, education, language and literature, math and science, and social science.


American Samoa Community College

Offering various Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees as well as Certificate of Proficiency


Northern Marianas College

NMC has facilities on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota and offers classes in Liberal Studies, Business, Education, Corrections, Nursing, Film and much more.


College of the Marshall Islands

Offers two-year associate degree programs in the areas of liberal arts, elementary education, business, and nursing and allied health.


Palau Community College

Offers Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Achievement, Associate in Science and Associate in Arts Degrees in fourteen (14) areas




Kewalo Marine Laboratory

The mission of the Kewalo Marine Laboratory is to support the investigation of fundamental questions in biology using the rich diversity of animals, plants and microorganisms present in the Hawaiian near-shore marine environment.


University of Guam - Marine Lab

The lab's mission is trifold: to perform basic and applied research on the biology of tropical marine organisms, emphasising conservation and management of coastal marine resources; to provide community service through environmental assessments, technical reports, educational materials, public lectures and expertise on marine issues; and to assist with teaching the undergraduate and graduate programs in biology at the university.