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More insects we rarely see - and (perhaps) wish we never do.

Gecko Toes 
Gecko Toes

Geckos are small lizards, found mainly in tropical areas. They are the only lizards that make sounds, often a chirping or clicking noise.

Geckos are often welcomed in houses in Hawaii as they eat termites, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, and moths. Residents may notice that geckos might stake out territories, and so there will be the front window gecko, the kitchen sink gecko, the bathroom gecko, and so on.

Some species of geckos can cling to vertical surfaces, like walls and wondows, because of the disk-shaped toepads which are covered with tiny brushlike projections which create intermolecular friction on surfaces. This micrograph shows these projections. These microscopic hairs create one of the strongest adhesive forces in nature - a fat gecko could support its entire weight with just one toe!

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