Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)


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University of California, Irvine, California

Deadline: February 15/February 28

This program allows students that have completed their bachelor’s degree to assist disadvantaged students in gaining acceptance to a medical school. During the course of the program students will receive MCAT test preparation, training in oral communication during required semesters attending the college.

University of Washington, Washington

Deadline: -

This program does not have a dedicated website. If you are interested please contact Gabriele Varani, Ph.D. at the address, phone number, or email below.

University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-1700
Tel: 206-543-7113

CENTRAL (Midwest and Mountain)

Arizona State University, Arizona

Deadline: March 30

Students in this program work as technicians on a research project through the majority of the program, which is supplemented by GRE preparation, seminars, lab meetings, clubs, and a presentation of research posters and speeches. One course per semester is covered by the program fund.

University of Chicago, Illinois

Deadline: March 31

This program helps students transition from undergraduate studies to pursuing a research doctorate by allowing them the opportunity to work as lab technicians for a year under the guidance of professional research scientists. This work opportunity is supplemented by academic activities designed to help prepare students for successful application to an advanced degree program.

University of Kansas at Lawrence, Kansas

Deadline: April 15

This program aims to increase the number of underrepresented students who obtain degrees in biomedical sciences. Students in this program receive one year of financial support, personalized academic counseling, specialized coursework and seminars, professional development opportunities, travel allowances, and an in-depth mentored research experience with a faculty mentor.

Johns Hopkins University, Kansas

Deadline: May 15, 2011

This program is currently waiting for the review of their grant. If you are interested please see the contact information on the website, and the program will send you an invitation email in early July when they receive a grant score. Application materials, which include two letters of recommendation and official transcript, should be ready to submit.

University of Michigan Medical School, Michigan

Deadline: April 15th

This program is a one-year research experience and preparation for the Graduate Record Exam. Student will be paired with a mentor whose lab is conducting research that interests them. In addition to performing research, students will participate in social activities, seminars, journal clubs, group meetings and career development events.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Minnesota

Deadline: April 1

This program is an intensive mentored research experience in basic science of translational research in Mayo Clinic laboratories. Special seminars, workshops, and selected graduate level courses are also included to train students to apply basic science knowledge to biomedical research. A salary for one year is guaranteed as well as medical coverage, and a GRE preparation course.

University of Missouri at Columbia, Missouri

Deadline: May 15

Students in this program work with faculty mentors to have an in-depth research experience that eventually will lead to a publication of research results in the scientific literature and presentation at national conferences. Participation in graduate courses and research seminars is also required.

University of New Mexico, New Mexico

Deadline: Year-round

Faculty mentors are paired with students in this research and education program, conducting cutting-edge research for a one year period. GRE preparation classes and short training programs are additions to make students more familiar with expectations and challenges associated with graduate school. Tuition coverage of classes, salary, health and dental benefits for one year are provided.

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Ohio

Deadline: March 31

Students in this program will participate in coursework, departmental seminars, journal clubs, GRE preparation workshops, and weekly presentations with fellow students and mentors. Tuition assistance is included.

Wright State University, Ohio

Deadline: Until all positions are filled

The application process for this program begins on March 16 and does not close until all positions for this program are filled. This PREP program is made to assist students to receive further educational degrees in the field of medicine. Students will obtain “real-world” experience in assisting their mentor in one of seven major teaching hospitals in the Greater Dayton area.

Ohio State University, Ohio

Deadline: -

This program does not have a dedicated website. If you are interested please contact Virginia Sanders, Ph.D. at the address or email stated below:

Ohio State University
Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program
1178 Graves Hall 333 W. 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Tel: 614-292-3349
Fax: 614-292-6226


Tufts University, Massachusetts

Deadline: May 15

This program spans the course of one or two years for those who are interested in pursuing research careers in the biomedical sciences. Students spend three-quarters of their time as research assistants, investigating a scientific problem under mentor guidance. GRE preparation, individualized study, and advanced graduate courses are also part of the program. Salary plus benefits are included.

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts

Deadline: April 4

PREP participants in this program work as apprentice scientists in laboratories under the guidance of a mentor. Professional development activities and interactive courses, as well as a possible spot in the summer research program (SPUR) are ways to help students adjust to graduate ways of thinking.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

Deadline: March 15

This program is aimed at encouraging students to enlarge their vision of graduate work leading them to a rewarding career path. Students select their mentor and work with them over the course of one to two years. Seventy-five percent of that time is dedicated to laboratory research. Courses in laboratory technique and skills, seminars, and works-in-progress sessions are also part of the program to make students more comfortable with graduate level work. An annual stipend, health insurance, and possible travel awards are included.

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, New York

Deadline: May 1

This program spans one to two years and aims at training students in graduate level coursework and research. Students are paired with a mentor and conduct research, aiming at being a highly trained independent lab technician. Courses, a PREP seminar series, professional development workshops, training in scientific communication, and attendance at national research meetings, and an annual retreat are included in the program. Students are required to give an oral presentation at least once during their PREP training. An annual stipend is included.

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Deadline: April 1

Students in this program will conduct a long-term research project in a mentor’s laboratory. They will be advised on how to devise a hypothesis, plan experiments, analyze results, and consider the impact of their research on their scientific discipline. Research seminars, retreats, conferences, coursework, GRE preparation and training will supplement students’ research. A stipend and health insurance are included.


University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama

Deadline: February 1

This program spans between one and two years and prepares students to succeed in graduate degrees in biomedical or behavioral science. Students will also be mentored in research, academic writing, math and test-taking to provide the experience needed for graduate programs. Students will receive a stipend, health insurance and tuition coverage for up to ten credit hours of instruction.

Emory University, Georgia

Deadline: March 15

Wake Forest University Health Sciences, North Carolina

Deadline: -

Students in this program will have the opportunity to enhance their research ability under the guidance of a mentor, attend challenging courses, and attend GRE preparation seminars. An annual stipend and tuition coverage for two courses annually are included.

University of North Carolina, North Carolina

Deadline: -

PREP participants in this program will participate in laboratory skills and technique training workshops, GRE preparation, and coursework in addition to their research.

University of South Carolina, South Carolina

Deadline: -

This program allows students to train and conduct research in a laboratory over the course of two years. Research experience in a biomedical research laboratory under the guidance of a mentor, seminar presentations, GRE preparation, class work, journal clubs and seminar attendance are all required in this program. Students will also have a graduate student “research buddy” to help guide them and answer any questions. A yearly stipend is included.

Baylor College of Medicine, Texas

Deadline: -

Students will work seventy-five percent of their time in this program as laboratory technicians. Through paid mentored research, specially designed molecular and cellular biology courses, weekly graduate research workshops, GRE preparation workshops, individual counseling and tutoring, and community interaction, students will feel prepared to continue into graduate studies and succeed.

University of North Texas Health Sciences Center, Texas

Deadline: -

This program offers students a unique mentored research experience with a yearly stipend, GRE preparation course, student assistance and tutoring, skill building in library and electronic research techniques. Students will also receive assistance in choosing a graduate school and how to present and interact at seminars. A written paper, oral presentation and research poster are required by the student at the end of their training. Financial assistance is available.

University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas

Deadline: -

This year long program is made up of laboratory research training, special learning opportunities and workshops to provide students with knowledge, analytical and thinking skills. Student counseling and social community interactions are also part of this PREP program. Graduates will be able to earn their graduate certificate.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia

Deadline: -

This one year biomedical research training program provides students with a paid mentored research experience, and development of graduate-level technical and thinking skills.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Sate University, Virginia

Deadline: -

Students in this program will participate in one year of mentored research work that will also help them learn the technical and academic aspects of being a research scientist. Courses at the undergraduate and/or graduate level will act as enrichment programs along with off-site seminars and technical workshops. Students will also take courses in graduate school preparation and GRE preparation. An annual stipend plus benefits, tuition coverage and travel support are included.