Faculty Mentors

Rosanna Alegado, Oceanography
Lipid biology

Marilou Andres, PBRC
Ion channel physiology

Marguerite Butler, Biology
Functional morphology and biomechanics

Sean Callahan, Microbiology
Roles of bacteria in coral reef health

Ann Castelfranco, PBRC
Computational neurobiology

Andrew Christie, PBRC
Neuroendocrinology and neural basis of biological timing

David Christopher, MBBE
Ion transport and protein folding

Patricia Couvillon, PBRC
Learning and memory

Robert Cowie, PBRC
Origins and determinants of biodiversity

Erica Goetze, Oceanography
Genetic structure and adaptive responses to climate change

Daniel Hartline, PBRC
Origins and evolution of myelin

David Haymer, JABSOM
Population dynamics of insect pest species

Brenden Holland, PBRC
Conservation biology and biological control of invasive species

Alan Lau, PBRC
Function and regulation of gap junction proteins

Petra Lenz, PBRC
Physiological ecology and neurobiology of marine invertebrates

Clifford Morden, Botany
Plant population genetics and evolution

Ho Leung Ng, Chemistry
Structure-based pharmacology of cancer therapeutic

Pratibha Nerurkar, MBBE
Signal transduction pathways involved in metaboic syndrome

Kristin Pauker, Psychology
Malleability of social perception

Robert Richmond, PBRC
Ecotoxicology and climate change

Scott Sinnett, Psychology
Information processing, perception and attention

Celia Smith, Botany
Environmental biology

Lorey Takahashi, Psychology
Neuropharmacology of emotional learning