Pacific Biosciences Research Center


University of Hawaii at Manoa

PBRC File Transfer

Download Files
You will access the download area as you would a Web Page. Clicking on a document will allow you to view it immediately with your Browser. This is great for images or text documents, but it's not so great for encoded or binary files. Download objects by using the right mouse button (PC) or click-and-hold (Mac). If these methods don't work for some reason, try Shift-click (PC) or Option-click (Mac).

Upload Files

File upload should be performed by arrangement with PBRC researchers or staff.
If you are uploading a poster for printing, please use the Poster Upload Form.
Note: this file upload site does not restrict file accessibility. If you are uploading material that should not be available for public viewing, please use the UH File Drop facility.

File Management

Access to file management requires that you login with a username and password. This is for system administrators only.