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Video Conferencing


We have been committed to providing tools for enhanced communication and collaboration among researchers. We have established, and provide ongoing support for, conference room videoconferencing facilities on the Manoa campus and at JABSOM, Leahi Hospital, Queen's Medical Center and Kewalo Marine Laboratory.

In addition, we provide hosting and support for desktop conferencing using Adobe Acrobat Connect and a toll-free teleconferencing service.

Adobe Acrobat Connect and Teleconferencing

The CNSF maintains a license to Adobe Acrobat Connect. This is the same web-based desktop conferencing system as Halawai, a tool provided by the University. Our license provides several enhancements for researchers compared to Halawai:

This tool can be used at the desktop to host meetings where everyone particpates from their office. It can also be used to create a conference room videoconference to enable meetings with sites that do not have dedicated conference room capabilities. The CNSF can support such a conference room meeting with multiple laptops, cameras and microphones.

Conference Rooms and Equipment

The CNSF has created, and provides ongoing support for, videoconference facilities in the following locations: