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Georg von Békésy's Art Collection (Page 2)




Sandstone head of a sage (Rishi)
Height 40 cm.
11th century A.D.
Central India.



Bronze standing figure of the goddess Parvati
Height 72 cm.
Vijayanagar Period. 15th century A.D.
South India.


Head of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteçvara.
Sculpture of brownish stone
Early 13th century A.D.
Bayon style. Cambodia.
Height 30 cm.



Female Divinity. Sculpture of bronze with bluish-green patina
Height 15.3 cm.
Lopburî style. 10th-11th century.



Vase of stoneware with green glaze
Height 36 cm.
Six Dynasties period. Third quarter of the 6th century.



Head of a Lo-han. Sculpture of iron.
Height 24.5 cm.
Ming dynasty, 15th-16th century.



The Green Tara. Sculpture of gilt bronze
Height 12 cm.
17th-18th century.



Haniwa figure of a bird. Sculpture in orange-red low-fire earthenware
Height 39 cm.
Tumulus Period (3rd-6th century).




Yakushi Nyorai. Sculpture of wood
Height 42 cm.
Late Kamakura period (1185-1392 A.D.).





Bell with five-pronged vajra of gilt bronze
Height 21 cm.
Kamakura period. (1185-1333 A.D.).

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