About Stomatogastric Alternative Nomenclatures Modern nomenclature for stomatogastric muscles, ossicles, nerves and neurons was established by Maynard and Dando (1974) based on a seminal comparative study they made of the decapod stomach (see also Maynard 1972). Where possible, it has retained terms from earlier work (e.g. Mocquard 1883). but represents a thorough modern revision of the understanding of the system. A somewhat different nomenclature for certain of the reidentifiable neurons in STG was introduced by Mulloney and Selverston (1974) and has found widespread usage since. Nomenclature subdividing the PY neurons on a battery of criteria was proposed by Hartline et al. (1979) differing from that of Maynard (1972). Nomenclature for central interneurons projecting to STG was developed by Russell (1976) for Panulirus but different names have been used in other decapods owing to original uncertainties in homologies ( Meyrand et al. 19__). Nomenclature for "command" or modulatory neurons and sensory inputs has developed as identified inputs have been described (e.g. Larimer and Kennedy 1966; Dando and Selverston 1972 ), but again in some cases what appears to be a homologous neuron in another species has ended up with an different name. Following is a list of alternative terms and suggested homologies:


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